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2001 Mixing Simple Metal Smithing with Stringing

Candie Cooper creates simple layered earrings and shares a tool tip for using a hammer and anvil.


Candie Cooper creates a knotted necklace.


Katie’s Beading Lesson is about coiled bead bracelets to suit any style.

Watch the video for this project online:


2002 Using Jigs for Wire Forming

Brenda Schweder demonstrates how to use a jig.

Watch the video for this project online:


Brenda Schweder shows new ways to create buckle findings.


Katie’s Beading Lesson is a stylish color block necklace.


2003 Torch-Fired Enameling

Mary Hettmansperger demonstrates torch-fired enameling.


Mary Hettmansperger shares tips for cutting metal.


Kate Richbourg visits the show from her studio with advice for caring for and cleaning your tools.


2004 Stringing Projects Using Double-drilled Beads

Kristal Wick has some fabulous stringing projects featuring double drilled beads.
(Good Apatite Necklace)
Kristal Wick and Katie make a bangle bracelet using double-drilled beads. (Good Apatite Memory
Wire Bracelet

Katie shows how to store and organize seed beads.

Watch the video for this project online:


Kristal Wick discusses metal clay.



2005 Get Creative with Resin and Wire

Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates making faux stones with glass glitter, inclusions and resin.

Watch the video for this project online:


Susan Lenart Kazmer shows cold surface work to mimic enameling on metal.

Katie Hacker has a Beading Lesson on knotting with leather.  

2006 Beaded Embellishments for Your Home

Laura Timmons has rings for your fingers.

Watch the video for this project online:

Laura Timmons demonstrates beaded napkin rings for your table décor.  

Laura Timmons has tips for adding crystals to fabric. 


Katie Hacker’s Beading Lesson is on creating your own beading storage station. 


2007 Hammering, Torching and Shaping

Mary Hettmansperger shares ideas for hammering, texturing and coloring metal.


Katie’s Beading Lesson is using snap finding to make jewelry quickly and easily.

Watch the video for this project online:


2008 Style and Color

Molly Schaller shows how she uses trend boards to design jewelry and demonstrates trendy leather bracelets with large focal beads.

Watch the video for this project online:


Molly Schaller makes a colorful statement necklace and shares great tips on storing bead strands.

Katie’s Beading Lesson is about how to organize your work space.  

2009 Learn How to Viking Knit

Stephanie Eddy shares some of her secrets about Viking knitting – making a bracelet.


Stephanie Eddy shows ways to add beads to Viking knit.


Katie Hacker has some special tips for making stretchy bracelets in her Beading Lesson.


2010 Art Inspired Jewelry Making

Blogger Andrew Thornton talks about drawing inspiration from your art.

Watch the video for this project online:

Andrew Thornton shares a jewelry making techniques on making decorative end caps using epoxy clay.  
Katie’s Beading Lesson is about using beaded chain for an easy necklace.  

2011 Bench Jewelry Techniques

Patti Bullard shares some bench jewelry techniques that don’t require a lot of space or supplies.


Patti Bullard has tips on how to choose the right pliers for a special project.

Watch the video for this project online:

Katie’s Bead Lesson is about stamping on leather to create a trendy bracelet.  

2012 Needle Tatting and Chainmaille

Lauren Andersen, The Chainmaille Lady, mixes needle tatting with chainmaille.

Watch the video for this project online:

Lauren Andersen has a new take on mixing other materials with chainmaille, including premade leather cuffs.  

Lauren Andersen shares a tip for making your own jump rings.


Katie Hacker makes a beaded cluster bracelet in her Beading Lesson.

2013 Mixed Media Jewelry

Cynthia Deis demonstrates collage techniques for mixed media jewelry.


Cynthia Deis creates a flat leather bracelet.


Katie’s Beading Lesson features an assist from Candie Cooper for a quick lesson on making silk beads.



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