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Education Inspiration and Expression.
Show 101 is a sampler- a taste of some of the techniques you’ll see over the next weeks. First Linda Augsburg, one of our guest editors shares her expertise with a knotting necklace for cord or ribbon. Katie Hacker has the first of our beading lessons - with a short tip on choosing the right size beading wire. Lisa Pavelka has our fashion feature and techniques for creating a Y necklace. And last up get ready to be inspired by the Lampwork bead creations of Nancy Lawler.
102 Jewelry making 101
Crimping: those little tubes are such an important part of so many creations, not only do they keep you from losing those beautiful beads - they can also be an integral part of the actual design. Marinda Stewart is our guest artist with instructions for making a fob. Our weekly beading lesson with Katie Hacker features the right technique for using crimps. Judy Hendrix has the basics for right angle weaving by following just one simple rule. And Linda Augsburg will show us a necklace that wouldn’t be the same without crimps.
103 Links and loops - make the connection.
Links and findings are the common ground that holds our jewelry together and makes the beads or stones stand out. Our first project is a gemstone drop necklace from Linda Augsburg featuring wrapped loops. Then on to our beading lesson - using beaded head pins with loops for instant earrings. Then Lisa Pavelka has our fashion project featuring link jewelry. And lastly we find out how to create a link with our past with Susan Lenart Kasmir our guest artist with the history of talismans.
104 It’s Knot so difficult.
Macram¾ - bet you haven’t heard that term for a while - unless you’re making jewelry easy knotting techniques are the basis for many very current jewelry styles - and when you get down to it - its just a lot of knots. Our first guest Mindy Brooks combines easy knotting with pearls for a very unique fashion look. Katie Hacker teaches us all of the basic knots in one quick lesson. Then we move on to our second theme of the day with a feature by Michele Defay and how to create a focal pendant. Last up our guest expert is Doreen Stephens she’ll show us how to set semi precious stones for a professional look - they look like they belong in a jewelry case and they are less than a fraction of the cost.
105 We’ve got a tip for you.
Our featured technique is stringing with tips. Tips are what you commonly use on the end of necklaces or bracelet to bring the piece together, but they can be a decorative element too. Linda Augsburg is our first guest with a wonderful seed bead necklace. Katie Hacker’s beading lesson is all about cord ends or tips. Telling time was never so stylish; Michelle Defay introduces watches. Last is Lisa Pavelka, we depart from basic jewelry - to a home décor beading lesson featuring sticky tape!
106 We’re taking it down to the wire.
One of the most popular first projects for a beginning beader is a memory wire bracelet –they’re easy, fast and it’s a great chance to try out different combinations of beads. Judy Hendrix has our first project - introducing us to memory wire on a simple bracelet plus more complex jewelry. Memory wire is also the topic for Katie Hackers beading lesson. Then its all about style - embellishments are a hot topic for jewelry making and in so many other areas too - like fashion and home décor. And a hot look is personalizing -Michele Defay has a very unique item for personalizing your jewelry. Mindy Brooks carries thru on the same theme - with a personal touch - adding beading as an accent to accessories and home décor.
107 Exotic. Unique. Style.
Part of the fun of making jewelry is not only the basic stringing but also creating that one of a kind piece that no one else has ever seen or even thought of. All of a sudden you’re making more than jewelry – it’s a true expression of you and your personality. Arbel Shemesh is our first guest, with an incredible necklace. Katie Hacker shares her tips for a very important bead basic - a bead board - it lets you plan out those fabulous creations. Lyn Krucke our clay expert inspires us with pearlized pendants. And Mindy Brooks shares one of her favorite techniques - for peyote stitching.
108 Pearls - go with everything.
Pearls are the most versatile piece of jewelry, but they can be intimidating: how do you know a good quality pearl - how do you make your knots professional and what are some other ways to use pearls in your jewelry making. Our experts have the answers. First off, Doreen Stephens shares the fascinating story of pearls - the types, the color, and care. Katie’s lesson is how to use a cord knotter and French wire for perfect knots every time. Mindy Brooks shares another knotting technique - great for pearls and all sorts of gem stones too. And last up, Michele Defay creates a lariat of pearls and gemstones.

Findings have a whole different meaning.
Findings are not just the nuts and bolts of jewelry making; we’ve elevated them to a part of the style of a piece. Linda Augsburg gets us started with the unique technique of chain mail - the finding or jump ring is the only component. Katie introduces us to the various styles and types of findings - from crimps to toggles and everything metal. Lyn Krucke our polymer clay expert presents gold leaf as a new ingredient for our jewelry. And last up Doreen Stephens has some secrets for utilizing flea market finds.


What’s your style?
Personal style - how do you determine the look of your jewelry - do you like bold and bright colors, or are more subdued shades your style? Are pearls and precious metals your signature - or are big funky ethnic look beads more like you. We introduce you to some very different looks to help you find the style that’s right for you. Linda Augsburg creates one of her favorites using wire. Katie present her weekly lesson - today is making wrapped beads. If black and white is your signature look, then Michele Defay has a great design for you. And who doesn’t love the look of dichroic beads - but how about a technique for faux dichroic from Jennifer Stark.


Twists and Turns.
Unique cords can become the focus of your jewelry instead of hiding behind your beads. Today’s artists weren’t content to conceal their stringing material - they put it right up front as an integral part of their design. Marinda Stewart chose wire for her feature - talk about twists and turns. Katie Hacker has an overview of the most common stringing materials. Stretch cord is Judy Hendrix’s choice for her feature. And Mindy Brooks uses her stringing material for crochet.


From beginner to expert.
This program is the extremes of jewelry making from the basics to artisan level techniques. Metal clay is our artisan project - its not that metal clay is difficult - but because it uses a kiln or torch, it’s a technique that most beginners haven’t tried.
Stephanie Girdlestone introduces us to metal clay with an easy pendant. Katie Hacker helps a beginner set up a tool box. Linda Augsburg has our second metal clay technique. Then its back to basics; Susan Wilke, presents ideas from her new book - beginner basics.


It’s out of the jewelry box.
Beads are turning up in a lot more places than just the jewelry box. It’s a hot trend in decorating as well as fashion. Today’s projects are “out of the jewelry box.” Create a one of a kind desk set with Lisa Pavelka. Katie Hacker introduces two new tools. Mindy Brooks shows us her technique for tassels - for pendants or pillows. And Michele Defay has a hip new accessory for purses, belts and so much more.


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