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 Series 1100...
Today we start out with Melanie Brooks. She’s going to introduce us to Steam Punk – it’s a design style with its own key techniques. Then, it’s Katie Hacker and our first Beading Lesson , today is crimping basics.  Next, join Mark Nelson as his techniques take you from hobbyist to professional with a first lesson on how to set up a bench. Then, we have a brand new feature called Doodlebeads. Leslie Rogalski will be teaching the key techniques for seed bead design. We begin with an overview of the types of beads, threads and other supplies.
1102 This week we start out with Diane Hawley. She’ll show us her techniques for creating and working with ceramics. Then, it’s time for Katie Hacker and creating twisted wire strands for your designs. Next up, its Mark Nelson - join him at the jewelry bench for cold connections featuring riveting. Then it’s Doodlebeads with Leslie Rogalski and our first seed bead stitch, even-count peyote. Last up, Candie Cooper shows how to make your own findings from her new book.
1103 Marlene Blessing is up first with Luxe for less – recycling and economical ideas to achieve high end style. Next, it’s a technique for badge lanyards from Katie Hacker. The idea is adaptable to other designs too. Then, learn how to choose the right hammer for any technique with Mark Nelson– hammers are not all the same!  Finally, it’s Leslie Rogalski and  a Doodlebeads lesson in odd-count flat peyote stitch.
1104 The show starts out with resin – a hot new material showcased by designer, Jean Campbell. What is it and how do we use it as an armature for seed bead work, wire work and stamping? Next, it’s all about braiding beading wire for a unique look with Katie Hacker.  Then, we have a special guest Barbara Hartnett from the Friendship House of Christian Service. She has a wonderful charm bracelet project that’s providing income to disadvantaged women. Next, it’s today’s Doodlebeads seed bead technique with Leslie Rogalski featuring tubular peyote. And finally, Mark Nelson returns for cast glass techniques. 

First up is Mark Nelson and a lesson on how to choose pliers and cutters to match the task. Then, Katie Hacker has a lesson on knotting. We’ve shown this technique before but we always get tons of requests. It’s really an easy technique with the correct tools but takes some practice to master. Then, Jean Campbell is back with materials and special ideas for jewelry making for people with metal allergies. Then, we’re moving on to our Doodlebeads tutorial  - today’s lesson with Leslie Rogalski is circular peyote.  Last up, Katie is back with techniques and tools for working with multi strand designs.

1106 In our quest to introduce you to new techniques we thought it was time to turn on the power. We promise you’ll lose your fear of power tools as Mark Nelson demonstrates the use of a flex shaft drill. Then, join Katie Hacker for wire wrapped headpins for a permanent or temporary loop. Next, we introduce a new designer Nina Cooper. This is a true example where technique meets style as she uses charms to create personalized jewelry. Then, it’s time for Leslie Rogalski and today’s Doodlebeads lesson in flat herringbone stitch.
1107 Technique really does meet design with our first idea from Marlene Blessing. Using decorative clasps is a design concept all by itself, and  Marlene will show us how to incorporate clasps into art. Then, it’s time for a new finding with Katie Hacker. She’ll introduce us to charm holders. Next, it’s time to turn on the power again with Mark Nelson. He’ll teach us how to choose a torch – what features you need. Last up, Leslie Rogalski is back with today’s Doodlebeads seed bead lesson on tubular herringbone.
1108 First, Jean Campbell is back with a quick idea on beading for boys. Katie Hacker shows us the technique to make fringed seed bead earrings. Then, Katie is back with a unique copper pendant design and tips for the actual design process. Next, Leslie Rogalski has her Doodlebeads segment on flat brick stitch.  Last up is Mark Nelson and the technique of patination - a new term and a new technique for jewelry artists.

First, Mark Nelson is at the bench with techniques for making your own jump rings.   Then, it’s a lesson on decorative wire wrapping with Katie Hacker. Next, meet designer and seed bead artist, Marcia Decoster for a lesson on creating a bezel with right angle weave. Then, we have time for one more Doodlebeads seed bead technique with Leslie Rogalski.  Today’s featured stitch is circular brick stitch.


The first technique demonstrated on the show is finishing with Mark Nelson. He’s got the tools and technique that will make your jewelry professional. Then, it’s the concept of nesting with Katie Hacker – beads inside of findings. Next, meet author and designer Kerry Bogart. She’s known for twisted wire. Today is a wire worked pendant with a bead inside of a bead. Last up, it’s another Doodlebeads. Learn flat right angle weave using one or 2 needles with Leslie Rogalski.


We begin with Marlene Blessing and new ideas for multi strand necklaces. Then, join Katie Hacker for a seed bead lesson and easy peyote stitch ring.  Mark Nelson demonstrates a new clay technique featuring copper. Last up, it’s Doodlebeads with Leslie Rogalski.  She’s featuring circular netting for today’s seed bead lesson.


All over the media – recycling and going green is a hot topic.   What exactly could that mean for jewelry making? Denise Couling, answers that question.  She’s got a unique way to recycle old broken jewelry into exciting new pieces. Then, it’s a Beading Lesson with Katie Hacker.  She’s going green too as she takes inexpensive acrylic components and turns them into upscale jewelry. Then, we’ve got a technique with Mark Nelson that’s perfect for recycling but also important to all jewelry making – soldering. Last up, Leslie Rogalski has our Doodlebeads seed bead tutorial – flat square stitch.


Today is the last program in this series featuring techniques. We thought we’d finish with a little bit of style – personal style that is. Every week we give you ideas but we hope you’re interpreting them in your own unique way.  And that’s our first segment – two of our favorite designers, Leslie Rogalski and Marlene Blessing are going to take the same looks and interpret them for their own unique style. Next, it’s Katie Hacker and how to layer charms and pendants for lots of movement and flair. Then, it’s back to the bench with Mark Nelson and a technique lesson on forging. Finally, it’s our last Doodlebeads segment, making a spiral rope with Leslie.


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