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Jewelry making encompasses a wide variety of styles. Today’s show illustrates that style diversity. We begin with Mark Nelson and the technique of making loop-in-loop chain. Next, is our bead lesson with Katie Hacker – today, she’s making French beaded flowers.  Marlene Blessing joins us with vintage inspiration.  Then, it’s our first seed bead lesson - the square stitch with Leslie Rogalski.  Finally, we’re on location with Carol Cypher for cane and felting.
1202 On today’s show, we start out with beginning fold forming, demonstrated by Mark Nelson – this is the next level in jewelry making. Today’s bead lesson is an introduction to chain mail, with Katie Hacker. Then, Leslie Rogalski demonstrates the daisy chain with seed beads. Finally, meet Kim St. Jean for some tips on soldering. 
1203 The show opens with Marlene Blessing introducing the color theory of high contrast for high drama. Then, learn perfect wire spirals from Katie Hacker on our beading lesson.  Next, Mark Nelson demonstrates professional techniques for a beautiful brooch. Finally, meet Beth Kraft on location for a tutorial on the brick stitch.
1204 This week we’ve added that touch of sparkle to designs - whether with crystals, color, or maybe even fringe. First, Mark Nelson creates stained-glass effects with resin. Then, learn how to add movement to earrings with beautiful chandeliers earrings from Katie Hacker. Candie Cooper gives even more dazzle to a multi strand crystal necklace with a crystal tassel. Last, it’s a lesson in fringe from our seed bead expert Leslie Rogalski.

The show opens with Mark Nelson and a mokume gane washer ring. Then, on today’s beading lesson, Katie Hacker takes a standard component, the head pin and elevates it to a decorative element. Next, Leslie Rogalski demonstrates a netting technique with seed beads. Finally, meet Heidi Viau on location with her laser-engraved pendants. 

1206 Variety is the buzzword for today’s show – we have everything from metal to glass and from basic to intricate. Opening the show is Mark Nelson demonstrating a professional technique – micro fold brake. Then, Katie Hacker creates simple linked jewelry with eye pins in her bead lesson. Next, on the first of our on location segments, Kim Fox shows how to make a bead hanger from cones. Leslie Rogalski demonstrates another seed bead stitch- the drop herringbone. Finally, on location Cynthia McEwan with her beautiful glass beads – she’ll show the progression she uses to create these masterpieces.
1207 Nature plays a big part in today’s show. First, it’s style concepts with Marlene Blessing as she brings the colors of nature into designing. Then, Katie Hacker mimics the trees outside in wire branches. Mark Nelson’s natural element is wood – but he’s adding other elements to this component. Finally, Judy Payne creates quick designs from interchangeable earth pendants made from natural materials.
1208 Mark Nelson is our first guest, demonstrating the technique of enameling on metal clay or fine silver. Then, it’s a bead lesson with Katie Hacker – wire-wrap rings. Next, it’s Leslie Rogalski’s seed bead lesson – odd-count peyote stitch decrease. Finally, Holly Gage is on location with Marlene, showing metal clay repoussé – a beautiful style of metal clay.

Candie Cooper opens the show creating a necklace that sparkles like the ocean. Then, Katie Hacker introduces a new component for creating unique pendants – adhesive bails.  Mark Nelson is next and the accent is on silver. Then, it’s time for seed bead design and Leslie Rogalski with more peyote stitch – the two-drop. Finally, learn the history of Venetian and Murano glass from Kathy Fox – on location with Marlene. 


Marlene Blessing is first with a final color story – the romantic palette – learn what components can create this soft and feminine look. Then, Katie Hacker takes some inspiration from her collection of paper - add your paper stash to your jewelry making.  Mark Nelson shows how to combine gemstones and metal clay for a lesson in stone setting. Finally, meet Linda Larson for mixed media at its best and designs featuring metal and fiber.  


Mark Nelson gets the show started with the combination of carving wax and metal clay.  Then, Katie Hacker expands our view of chain - it’s not just a background element.  Meet designer Kim O’Neil – her unique style offers a contemporary look for design inspiration.  Next, it’s the chevron stitch from Leslie Rogalski in our seed bead lesson.  Finally, we’re on location for metal dapping techniques with Meredith Arnold.


Mark Nelson is back with the second of his brooches and the next level of technique.  Then, it’s time for Katie Hacker and tips for better bracelet making from her book.  Next it’s the St. Petersburg stitch – taking us to another level in seed beading, with Leslie Rogalski. Finally, meet Wyatt White for advanced wire wrapping.


Our first project adds a new element to our design – with sound, as Mark Nelson creates a musical bronze clay bracelet. Then, Katie Hacker gives some ideas for customizing your components. Next, it’s the design challenge with Marlene Blessing and Leslie Rogalski -   they start out with the same materials but see how differently they incorporate those components into a finished design. Then, Leslie is back for a final seed bead lesson on how to make picot trim. Finally, learn about enameling from Sara Lukkonen, she fuses glass to metal using a torch instead of a kiln. 


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