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Think Like a Designer
This season we’re exploring the ways to think like a designer.  Just what makes your favorite designer pieces look great?  And how does the creative process apply to projects? After all, when you make your own jewelry, YOU are the designer. 

Pops of Color 
This episode is all about pops of color and the use of intriguing color palettes to create stylish jewelry. The first project is a wire wrapped bangle bracelet featuring color as a design element. Next, seed bead designer, Leslie Rogalski uses her favorite contemporary palette: black and white. Then, Molly Schaller demonstrates a coral bracelet with dozens of dangles. Finally, Kate Richbourg creates a ruby tag pendant that combines colored stones with metalwork.  


Bold Central Elements 
This program features lots of ideas for necklaces with bold central elements beginning with a lesson on adding different types of bails to pendants.  Next, Candie Cooper demonstrates drilling stones to make pendants with simple metal findings.  Then, Molly Schaller shows how to make a “tangerine tango” necklace – it’s the color of the year and this necklace has a multi strand focal section. Last, Wyatt White uses banding pliers to make focal elements.  


More is More  
Create drama in your jewelry by layering elements together.  Part of being a designer is deciding when to add, when to subtract, and which elements need to be highlighted.  The show opens with necklaces and variations for layering. Next, Dale Nicholson layers brass and resin flowers with crystals for added drama.  Then, Mary Hettmansperger uses copper clay with pewter findings to create unique window focal points.  Finally, Julianna Hudgins shows how to mix wire with die cut shapes for a lush, layered look. 


Mixing Shapes  
On this episode we’re mixing shapes and materials for dynamic and eye catching designs. Mixing it up provides that variation that keeps your eye moving. The first example is earrings – search your stash for interesting combinations. Next, Kristen Robinson has a resin project using bezels and transparencies, Then, Leslie Rogalski discusses how to fit different bead shapes together and shows how to stitch flat right angle weave with bicones. Finally, Kate Richbourg demonstrates her top techniques for soldering bails onto metalwork.  


Frame It  
This episode looks at ways to frame special beads, treasures, or one of a kind art piece items to give them the attention they deserve.  The first segment features tips for working with bead frames. Next, Jackie Truty, a metal clay expert, creates a gem aquarium. This is a two part lesson starting with the frame. Then, Suki Allen demonstrates collage pendants and rings. Finally, Candie Cooper has a project using metal stamping with gilders paste on metal frames. 


Layer It  
Just like the right jacket can complete an outfit, adding layers to jewelry design can give the piece that finished and coordinated look and add depth.  The first design features a clustered bead technique. Next, Jackie Truty finishes her gem aquarium with resin and gem inclusions. Then, Dale Nicholson layers and wraps crystals on to metal lace. Finally, stitch pro Jean Campbell shows how to create Russian netted spiral rope.  


New Techniques
Thinking like a designer means recharging your creativity on a daily basis and looking for new ways to use old tools and supplies. First are embroidered pendants. We’ve been embroidering beads forever but this technique uses tiny metal seed beads. Next, Dale Nicholson has a great technique for creating your own hot fix crystal transfers. Then, Wyatt White introduces a way to make your own, custom coiled bracelets from heavy gauge wire. Finally, Jean Campbell talks about new shapes of seed beads and how to use them.


Color It
Every supply can be altered in some way- we are never limited by how a material starts out. On this episode we’re using patinas, pigments and other colorants to make a material uniquely yours. The first technique is coloring metal with markers. Next, Kate Richbourg shows how to create color and patina on metal using a torch. Then, Christi Friesen makes a floral pendant with polymer clay and metallic pigments. Finally, Julianna Hudgins adds alcohol inks to shrink plastic for a colorful goddess pin.   


Pleasing Patterns
Whether repeating, symmetrical or even asymmetrical; patterns give jewelry structure and style. First, it's easy to play and experiment with patterns when you use a bead board. Next, Erin Madsen creates a stretchy, woven bracelet featuring repetition and pattern. Then, Molly Schaller demonstrates a fiesta bracelet using double strand sliders for an asymmetrical design. Finally, Kate Richbourg shows how to make her signature stacked pearl ring.  


Outside the Box
Look at supplies with fresh eyes; most components can be used in many different ways. The first segment features layered button pendants. Next, Mary Hettmansperger demonstrates how to use cold connections with pewter spacers to create a dimensional, convertible brooch. Then, Molly Schaller shows the Greek Goddess necklace using sliders in a different way. Finally, stitch pro Jean Campbell shares tips for preserving beadwork.


Making Connections
Wrap, coil, weave, and hammer your way toward interesting jewelry. There are many creative ways to join jewelry and in many cases these connections become an integral part of the design. The first design features chandelier findings created with wire wrap techniques. Next, Brenda Schweder wraps her way to bracelets. Then, Joe Silvera shows how to make your own prong settings for unusual shapes.  Finally, expert seed beader Leslie Rogalski weaves parallel crystals and pearls. 


Creating Texture
This episode is about adding visual interest and depth by paying attention to texture.  The first segment features how to add flatback crystals to flowers. Next, Joe Silvera polishes and textures hammers to use in jewelry making. Then, syndee holt makes ultralite beads and covers them with textured polymer clay. Finally, Jean Campbell shows how to stitch an African helix rope. 


Hot Motifs
Being a designer involves being able to look around and recognize what might be changing not only in jewelry but fashion, home decor and just general overall trends. This episode looks at some of the hot motifs that are just starting like friendship bracelets – they're back! Next, Kristen Robinson shows how to embed botanicals in resin. Then, Erin Madsen explores some shortcuts to simple stylish jewelry – quick and easy is always trendy. Finally, Cynthia Deis demonstrates a ruched fiber necklace. 


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