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Beginner Basics
It’s a new season of Beads Baubles and Jewels. We have 4 basic lessons for today’s show – great for a beginner but also inspiring for the jewelry pro. The first guest is Linda Augsburg. Most beginners start with a bracelet but this bracelet begs the question, “how did she do that”? Katie Hacker is up next with our first how-to lesson; how to adjust the length of your necklace. Judi Hendrix has the answer to another basic lesson, “what glue do you use for which project”? Today’s fashion focus is chokers. Last up is author, Lynda Musante. She caters to the beginner with multi cultural designs with her newest book “Exquisite Beaded Jewelry.”
202 Beading is always fashionable
The world of fashion keeps changing but one thing that’s always in style is beads and jewelry. You can’t study today’s fashion without looking at history. Doreen Stephens has a fashion history lesson with the story of cloisonné yesterday and today. Katie Hacker is right in style with our how-to feature on illusion necklaces. Anna Nehs has a fashionable accessory for every wrist, with or without a racket – a tennis bracelet. Fashion focus is next. The last guest is a special and very fashionable beading artist – Krystal Wick.
203 Living Color!
This program explores one of the most basic elements of style: color. Judy Hendrix is our color expert with her trusty tool – a color wheel. Our bead lesson with Katie Hacker is all about crimping. Mindy Brooks shows an unconventional use of color. Our fashion focus is multiples, mixing and matching color. Lastly, the feature designer is Margot Potter. She has an eclectic style all her own with an emphasis on color.
204 Jewelry for Men
It’s easy to make gifts for girlfriends and family but what about making something special for the men in your life? Linda Augsburg has a great technique for making cufflinks. Katie’s beading lesson explores beading wire – the right wire for the right project. Iliana McGrath knots her way to a great men’s bracelet. Our fashion focus is wine charms. Last up, Stephanie Girdlestone has a technique that’s perfect for men’s or women’s jewelry pieces – metal clay.
205 Diamonds and Semi Precious
Stones are a Girl’s Best Friend

Learn all about semi-precious stones on this program. They come in every color of the rainbow and every shape, from polished to natural. Today’s designers have used a variety of stones to achieve some very unique designs. First up, Katie Hacker who is usually our how-to designer shows us some of the designs she’s known for including a special touch using Swarovski crystals. Then Katie is back with a simple lesson on necklace lengths. Mindy Brooks uses gemstones in different sizes for a unique multi strand necklace. The fashion focus is on beaded baskets and accessories. Last up, Tamara Honaman has a unique eye glass holder made from fluorite.
206 Trendy Earrings
It used to be the long, dangly earrings were only for dress up but in today’s fashion world anything goes. Linda Augsburg is up first with cones and chains for a three drop earring. Katie’s beading lesson features chandelier earrings. Doreen Stephens tells us all about glass beads, not just for earrings but for every jewelry project. The fashion focus is linear earrings. And last up Katie Hacker has Swarovski crystal earrings.
207 Silver and Gold
When it comes to metal there are a lot of choices as far as styles or design, brushed or polished, and even types of findings. Stephanie Girdlestone is the first guest with jump ring jewelry. Katie’s beading lesson is about using chain. Michele DeFay wasn’t content to use just silver and gold – she’s added copper too. The fashion focus is using long necklaces and “y” necklaces on clothing. Last up, Mindy Brooks combines chain in gold and silver and a surprise element for a great bracelet.
208 Pins – The Newest Fashion Accessory
Pins have been around forever but they’ve become a new jewelry staple. They’re everywhere; on sweaters, jackets, scarves and handbags. So, don’t be shy about “broaching’ the subject. Linda Augsburg makes sure your brooch gets seen with our first project; tear drop gemstones and copper leaf stampings form beautiful flowers. Katie Hacker’s tip features coordinating accessories using memory wire. Tamara Honaman creates a sparkly bracelet to wear with a favorite pin or all by itself. The fashion focus does a little treasure hunting for vintage pins. Last up, we have 2 new designers and their own business Juju Beads.

Beading Basics
Beading is today’s focus; actual weaving of beads to create patterns and designs. The first step is choosing a loom with Marlynn McNutt. Katie Hacker talks about storage for all of those tiny beads. Mindy Brooks shows us beautiful flowers created from seed beads. The fashion focus takes a look at some uses for beads on clothing. And last up, Michele DeFay has a surprise – beads that only look like you made them on a loom!


More is better when it comes to strands
If the perfect necklace makes the perfect outfit it only stands to reason that multiple strands would be even better. There are so many different techniques for creating multiple strand pieces. The first guest, Tamara Honaman has multiple strands and a multi drop with all sorts of different elements including shells. Katie Hacker shows us how to use spacers to separate strands and keep them even. Anna Nehs chooses beautiful green stones for an elegant multi strand necklace. The fashion focus is various even and uneven multi strands and when to use them. Michele DeFay combines copper and white for a unique piece.


The Latest Stringing Material
Discover all of the new stringing materials and add texture to beading and jewelry projects. Judy Hendrix has been doing some shopping for unique new cording. Katie’s tip is all about working with leather. Iliana McGrath features leather. What could be quicker than a pendant on leather? Our fashion focus features cord for a novelty accessory. And last up Linda Augsburg shows us how to cover silk cord using chain.


Make an Impression with Pendants
Sometimes making jewelry is all about accessorizing but sometimes it’s all about making a statement that gets a unique pendant noticed. Tamara Honaman makes a statement with a beautiful flower. Katie’s lesson is all about clasps. You want the right clasp to secure a pendant. Anna Nehs features amber in her design. The fashion focus is home décor. Michele DeFay features unique pendants and drops.


Beading and More Beading
Beading is such an important part of the whole jewelry trend so we’ve devoted a second program to some unique techniques. Anna Nehs shares her beading expertise with amazing beaded eggs. Katie takes us back to basics and a last look at stringing materials. Learn about the power of hope with kits designed in honor of a special woman featuring the red dress and pink ribbon. Our fashion focus is wearables. Judy Hendrix is our feature artist with a beaded cabochon.


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