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  What’s Your Style?
Jewelry and accessories are a personal expression. Jewelry can be used to express a mood, tell the world about your personality – or express just how you are feeling on that particular day. None of us have the same look every day – though we tend to have a particular signature look. This series of Beads Baubles and Jewels is all about personal style – discovering your style and exploring some different options. Each program includes: 2 feature pieces, Beading lessons, Fashion focus – sample creations for inspiration; and a guest artisan.
Asian Influences
Take a trip to the Far East and incorporate key stones and design simplicity for Asian influence. First, Stephanie Girdlestone incorporates oriental coins into a dramatic two tiered piece. Beading Lesson - unusual ways to attach a clasp. Mindy Brooks has a jade medallion with corded trim. Fashion focus - inspiration and sample Oriental designs. Last up, Iliana Mc Grath incorporates cinnabar into an Asian inspired necklace.
402 Bold and Sassy
When you want to be noticed – its time for bold and sassy. Bright colors, bold designs – there’s nothing shy about this jewelry. First up Linda Augsburg has a ring that will get you noticed. Beading Lesson - all about jump rings and split rings. Sherry Serafini has a big and beautiful cuff – with beading around a center cabochon. Fahsion Focus – Bright and bold designs. Guest designer, Mary Juhasz and her specialty, lamp work beads.
403 Classic Style
It never goes out of style and it’s as perfect with jeans as it is with a little black dress. Mindy Brooks has our first design – Pearls are always a classic – but using right angle weave it’s also a very dramatic cuff. Beading lesson - assembling your jewelry tool box with the right tools. Iliana McGrath uses pearls in unique colors for a tiered necklace. Fashion Focus - classically styled pieces in some new materials. Last up Arbel Shemesh is our special guest – with a lesson on jade - a truly classic stone.
404 Traditional
This style usually revolves around gold and silver and pearls. Traditional and classic are very similar with an understated look. Another key to traditional is standard jewelry types like chokers and opera length. First is Mindy Brooks, she is creating a very traditional jewelry style – a chandelier earring and gold is the feature color – but what’s different is the addition of red. Beading lesson - all about stretchy cord. Then its Arbel Shemesh – the color is traditional with silver and pearls but the links are actually chain. Fashion focus - memorable designs all in a traditional style. Last up – what could be more traditional than the dazzle of Swarovski crystals.
405 European influence
Timeless, traditional, old world – these are some of the words to describe European jewelry design – plus don’t forget Czech glass and Swarovski – two trademarks of this style. Debba Hauppert is first featuring Swarovski crystal for a dramatic and elegant look. Beading lesson: setting up your work table. Mindy Brooks –with an elegant cocktail ring – the epitome of style. Fashion focus - the timeless elegance and old world style of European jewelry. Tammy Honaman with a technique which originated in Europe – wire wrapping.
406 Trendy Style
Some styles are always there and others come and go based on trends in clothing or design. This program features today’s trends. Knitting is hot and is turning up in jewelry too; Marlynn McNutt has a trendy fiber necklace. Beading lesson - making your own toggle. Linda Augsburg has our next trend – its long and skinny chains with beads. Fashion focus - examples of current trendy looks and a few warm weather trends. Carol Huber Cypher is our special guest and she has another key trend that goes along with yarn –fiber and felting.
407 Simple Style
Simple techniques, simple design. This is a case when less is more; understated jewelry to complement a showy outfit. Simple as a style has clean lines and limited components plus it may be easy to create. First is Linda Augsburg with a flower bracelet that is simple to make but has a very complex look. Beading lesson - finishing leather and suede. Tammy Honaman presents a peyote ring – peyote stitch would be considered intricate – but the design is very simplistic. Fashion focus –simplicity of design. Then Iliana Mc Grath presents a simple yet elegant technique using cording and chain. Last up Lyn Krucke has simple basics for clay.
408 Geometric and Linear style
This style revolves around standard shapes – most often we think of squares and triangles – but circles too – this jewelry tends to have a repetitive shape within the components or an overall shape. First Arbel Shemesh chose circles for a fascinating project using lazer lace – a finding used in a new way. Beading lesson - making your own jump ring and clasp. Linda Augsburg goes linear with a stem pin – that’s geometric and contemporary too. Fashion focus - geometric and linear designs. Iliana McGrath uses flat -shaped beads combined with chain for a great necklace. And last up Debba Hauppert is our feature designer with a very new pendant technique.

Mix it Up
How about being little eclectic and mixing not only styles but materials, techniques and color – anything goes today. Linda Augsburg is first – she’s mixing crystal, chain and wire all in one shimmering bracelet. Beading lesson - Hip to Bead book by Katie Hacker and a cell phone accessory. Judy Belcher is mixing techniques, color and clay – to make wonderful polymer tube bracelets.
Fashion focus –ways to mix it up while having a unifying element. Last up, author Jeanne Campbell has some easy ideas for achieving different looks with the same beads.


Vintage Style
What constitutes vintage? – should it be an antique, does it really need to be old? We take the broadest interpretation and today’s designers combine both real vintage pieces and new reproductions. First up is Louise McClure - her creation is truly multimedia and a combination of old and new looking elements. Beading lesson – all about earrings. Linda Augsburg recycles a vintage pin into a brand new necklace. Fashion focus - buttons and beads for a unique vintage look. Last, Debba Hauppert creates timeless designs using crystals.


African Inspired Style
This style has lots of natural colors, wood tones and hand carving. Our first guests are Ruth chaffenburg and Ebrimah Silah. They own a bead store and Ebrimah is a well know expert on African trade beads. Beading lesson - counters and gauge. Marlynn McNutt creates a beautiful necklace using natural elements. Fashion focus - featured pieces with African style. Last, Iliana McGrath with a wood and bead bracelet – a great beginner project and even adaptable for guys.


Sophisticated Design
These designs are often gold and many times have a little glitz – but only in an understated way. Tammy Honaman, has a technique to share on adding gold to art clay charms for a sophisticated look. Beading lesson - satin finish silver and gold.
Linda Augsburg creates a beautiful briolette drop necklace. Fashion focus –sophisticated jewelry for a little inspiration. Last up it’s a great day for techniques – Don Schneider of Glassworks is going to demonstrate how to make millifiori glass.


Contemporary Style
Today’s style – bold and modern with art influences. First up is Mindy Brooks with a cuff that combines herringbone stitch and metallic beads. Not only is it contemporary but it really is a work of art. Beading lesson –all about bead bumpers. Judy Belcher is our clay expert with kaleidoscope beads. They look like a piece of contemporary art and each one is unique, Fashion focus - examples of contemporary design for inspiration Iliana McGrath with a unique stone that is really popular today – cat’s eye. Last up, another contemporary trend with wire jewelry with guest designer, Mark Larue.


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