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Seed Beads
This season, our theme is "all about the beads." What better place to start than with seed beads? For many beaders they represent the equivalent of a painter's palette because they're available in such a huge range of colors, shapes, and sizes. The show opens with host Katie Hacker demonstrating Peyote Stitch. Then, Beth Kraft creates a bracelet using cube beads in square stitch which she embellishes with tiny size 15º seed beads. Next, Leslie Rogalski uses seed beads as focal beads in her double needle weave design. Then, Mark Nelson explains the process of gluing in grommets. Finally, author Sherry Serafini shows how to substitute crystals for seed beads for extra visual impact.


Semi Precious Stones
Many people start making jewelry because they fall in love with a particular stone, like their birthstone. Segments in this show focus on a variety of innovative ways to combine semi precious stones with favorite beading techniques. First, Katie has a necklace featuring semi precious stones, along with information on these stones. Then, Mark Nelson shows how to make a fused bead cap and use it to turn a favorite stone into a bead. Next, Danielle Fox highlights five trendy stones that won't break the bank. Then, Stephanie Dixon combines vintage petals with crystal rondelles for a beautiful piece. Last, Lauren  Andersen shows how to make her "Sedona" chainmaille necklace using natural copper rings with carnelian beads in a mobius chainmaille weave.


Metal Beads
Mixed-metal is a big trend in jewelry making. This show focuses on some creative ways to make and use metallic beads in jewelry designs. First, Katie discusses the origin of various metal beads. Then, Mark Nelson returns with a feature on bi-metal clay. Next, Kristal Wick shows how to make quick, fabulous stretch bracelets using metal sliders with inset crystals combined with stretchy cord. Then, syndee holt has a lesson on making metallic polymer clay beads for a lightweight metal look bracelet. Finally, Leslie Rogalski uses super strong, beading thread for stitching with metal beads


Shells and Natural Beads
Some of the earliest adornments were made from shells, stones and other natural materials. Today's show explores ideas for using the natural world as inspiration. First is a lesson from Katie on nuts and seeds and working with them on leather cord. Then, Mark Nelson demonstrates how to forge a neck wire to show off favorite shells. Next, June Beach talks about pendants of shell, coral, and more, mixed with naturals. Then, syndee holt shows how to make faux turquoise beads from polymer clay and alcohol inks. Finally, Katie has an eye-catching bracelet using a creative weaving technique that works perfectly with organic beads like shell, wood, and stone.


Lamp Work Beads
The focus of this show is on lamp worked beads and creative ways to use them in jewelry designs. Katie begins with a demonstration on making a cylindrical peyote stitch bail for a lamp work bead. Then, our special guest is Nate Perea showing how to make lamp work beads. Next, Kim St. Jean shows how to measure, solder, and texture thick silver wire to make the "floating bead bangle" bracelet. Then, Mary Hettmansperger creates distinctive jewelry using special findings for large hole beads. Finally, Kristal Wick makes a colorful necklace using a simple, eye-catching technique combining chain with large-hole, collectible-style crystal beads for maximum bling.


Wood Beads
Craft fusion and mixed media are big buzzwords in jewelry making. Wooden beads present so many creative possibilities that the entire show is about these little beauties, from using them as-is, to completely altering their look. The warm sheen and organic feel of wooden beads mix beautifully with metal findings in earrings made by Katie. Then, Mark Nelson shows gold, silver, and copper leaf on wood beads. Next, author Lisa Crone shows how to combine seed beads and wooden beads with macramé in the "Florida Palms" bracelet from her book. Then, Dale Nicholson covers wooden beads with flat back crystals for a unique effect mixing shimmer and matte surfaces. Finally, Candie Cooper uses a wood burning tool to create a patterned effect on wooden beads, then paints them, and strings them into a coiled memory wire bracelet.


Vintage & Art Beads
Vintage and art beads are both very special components that inspire unique designs. First is a treasure necklace from Katie that combines a variety of unusual elements in one dramatic design. Then, Julie Picarello makes polymer clay art beads with graphic designs. Then, Linda Hartung shows her signature technique for creating twisted strands of crystal yarn. Next, Mark Nelson oxidizes base metal components for a faux vintage look. Finally, Beth Kraft shows off a favorite art bead using double Petersburg chain in a colorful bracelet


Crystal Beads
Crystals are a beader's best friend. Today's show has everything from subtle sparkles to all-out bling. Katie begins with a simple necklace featuring crystal and charms on a large metal ring. Then, Dale Nicholson shows how to cut strands apart and combine with crystals to make new jewelry. Next, Danielle Fox shows how crystals can be used to create subtle sparkle in everyday jewelry. Then, learn how to make Candie Cooper's signature treasure necklace blending crystal elements with bead frames, caps, and bails for a sparkly, layered look. Finally, Mark Nelson demonstrates how to solder a gold-filled bead bar.


Heart Shaped Beads
Whether you're making jewelry from the heart, or just showing your soft side, this show offers some great jewelry making ideas.  Katie begins with bundled wire beads combined with crystal hearts. Next, Stephanie Dixon talks about heart shapes and creates a heartfelt accessory. Then, Danielle Fox provides tips for making jewelry gifts from the heart. Next, Krystal Wick combines crushed German glass glitter with resin to create sparkly heart earrings using antique-style locket frames. Finally, Mark Nelson sand casts a bead frame using an electro melt furnace.


Pearls are a jewelry making staple. Today's show focuses on unusual ways to use pearls and pearlescent effects in jewelry designs. Katie starts out with a tutorial on types of pearls. Shell pearls, crystal pearls, freshwater pearls, and pearl finishes are finding their way into a huge variety of jewelry designs. Next, Mark Nelson has a lesson on gluing pearls on posts and using pearl links. Then, June Beach creates a multi-strand of pearls with crystals for added luster and shine. Next, Lauren Andersen shows how to make a barrel weave chainmaille necklace embellished with pearl-colored magatamas. Finally, Julie Picarello makes pearl mica shift flowers from polymer clay.


Beaded Beads
It's a natural next-step for jewelry makers to want to make their own beads and pendants. There are so many easy ways to make and embellish beads! One of the simplest ways to make beaded beads is by loading seed beads onto shaping wire and then coiling the wire. This deceptively simple technique gets big results as demonstrated by Katie in the first segment. Then, Sherry Serafini uses bicones with different effects and coatings to make gorgeous beaded fringe on her embroidered pieces. Next, Leslie Rogalski uses her eye for color to create a unique spin on spoked beaded beads, a traditional method of using seed beads to cover wooden beads. Finally, Mark Nelson shows how to drill stones or tagua nut to make your own bead using a foredom and drill press.


Briolette Beads
Briolettes, daggers, pears, and other teardrop styles are some of the most popular bead shapes. Chandelier earrings are a snap to make when you combine laser cut buttons with teardrop-shaped briolettes in the first design from Katie. Then, Linda Hartung makes a gorgeous disk pendant necklace using a briolette as a slider to hold ruched wirelace in place over beading wire. Next, Danielle Fox shows how to create a wire-wrapped bail for a briolette pendant. Then, Mark Nelson shares display ideas for selling jewelry. Last, Katie uses faux turquoise sliders and daggers to create a bold, multi-strand statement necklace inspired by a Mayan breastplate design.


Found Object Beads
Today’s show focuses on found objects and ideas for transforming them into distinctive jewelry designs. Katie begins with paper beads - turning trash into treasure. Then, Kristal Wick shows how to make a unique souvenir pendant by customizing a pendant with flat-back crystals and punching a hole in a souvenir pressed penny and dangling it from the pendant. Next, Mary Hettmansperger talks about the beauty of rusty treasures and shows how to safely incorporate them into one-of-a-kind, organic jewelry designs. Melanie Brooks is next with how to use resin to seal paper ephemera for jewelry making. Finally, Mark Nelson uses acrylin (a type of paint for metal) on a found object, emphasizing the curved surface.


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