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 Series 600...
First up is Linda Augsburg, and a scroll link bracelet – we’ll be making our own links. Then it’s our beading lesson with Katie Hacker. She’ll teach us how to make chain using twisted jump rings. Next is Marlynn McNutt with a great chain lariat. Then we have a new special segment with Tammy Honaman– everything you need to know about the different types of findings – today is clasps. Then last up, Katie is back with a beaded chain necklace featuring crystals and crystal connectors.
602 Pendants
Linda Peterson is our first designer with techniques for making a clay pendant. Then it’s our weekly beading lesson with Katie Hacker – how about trying a seed bead tassel – perfect for a pendant. Next Louise McClure joins us to make a unique pendant. Then Tammy Honaman's featured findings are drops and links. Last up we have a new guest - Cathy Jakicic – now that you’ve made some great pendants – she’ll teach us how to optimize a choker with multiple pendants.
603 Crystal Vision
First is Katie Hacker with a double needle weave technique on a crystal bracelet. Then Katie is back with a lesson on using pinch bails. Next is Jean Campbell with a spring bracelet featuring a favorite stone– peridot. Then Tammy’s finding feature is bead caps and cones. Last up Linda Augsburg has a crystal and pearl necklace made with a 2 needle technique.
604 Vintage and Reproductions
Linda Augsburg is our first guest with a nod to the glamour days and a jet necklace and bracelet set. Then its time for Katie Hacker and today’s beading lesson on the herringbone stitch – it’s a design that’s been popular for a long time. Next we’re joined by Louise McClure - she’s going to teach us how to make a mold from vintage pieces. Then charms are the topic of Tammy Honaman’s feature on findings. Last up Katie Hacker is back with a multi strand necklace using chandelier components. – a vintage and contemporary look all at the same time.
605 Beading
Up first is Linda Augsburg with a piece that mimics needlework using the peyote stitch. Then Katie Hacker’s bead lesson follows our theme with the right angle weave. Next we have a very unique take on a different type of beading pattern from Marlynn Mcnutt – using netting around satin cord. Lastly the featured findings from Tammy Honaman are tubes and bails.
606 Clay
First up Linda Peterson our clay expert , joins us for basic and not so basic clay techniques. Then Katie Hacker features the daisy chain stitch on her beading lesson. Next it’s a fascinating look at colorizing clay with pigments, stamps and foil from Tammy Honaman. And right after, Tammy is back with a feature on spacer bars. Last up Linda Augsburg shows us how to transfer images to clay.
607 Trends
First up Cathy Jakicic looks in her crystal ball for a fashion forecast based on her experience as an editor. Then it’s today’s beading lesson with Katie Hacker and a new trendy technique of weaving solid rings. Next Jean Campbell has what’s hot - rings, charms and most of all cuffs. Then join Tammy Honaman for a feature on jump and split rings. Last up we can’t forget crystal when we’re talking about trends and Katie Hacker has a crystal embellished shell pendant.
608 Metal and Wire
Our first metal design is metal clay made into charms from Tammy Honaman. Then it’s on to wire and macramé techniques from Katie Hacker on today’s beading lesson. Next Linda Augsburg has a wire wrapped bracelet. Then it’s a lesson on earrings from Tammy Honaman in our finding feature. Last up Mary Hettmansberger joins us for a crystal cone necklace.

Color Story
Up first Linda Augsburg explores different color variations of the same stone in a garnet necklace. Our beading lesson with Katie Hacker is a tutorial on the flat peyote stitch. Next Sherry Serafini shows a gem stone cabochon with a color theme. Then Tammy Honaman’s featured finding is chandelier parts. Then the last color story is from Mary Hettsmanberger and copper painted watercolors.


Our first guest is Tammy Honaman – findings are an all important element of this bracelet – or is it a necklace – actually its both. Then learn about round peyote in our beading lesson with Katie Hacker. Next it’s Linda Augsburg and a very quick curved tube bracelet – findings are an integral part of this piece. Then it’s the weekly findings feature from Tammy Honaman and head and eye pins. Last up Katie Hacker is back with 3 ways to use crystal link findings in a unique way.


Soft and Silky
Cathy Jakicic introduces us to silken knots with an Asian influence. Then it’s a fun look at beaded fringe with Katie Hacker. Next Marlynn McNutt is back with one of her specialties. She’s combining different mediums – pearls, shells, crystals, strung and knotted with cord and ribbon for a mixed media extravaganza. Then Tammy Honaman has our finding feature and bead tips. Last up we’re happy to meet designer Winnie Van Der Rhyn – she has one set of materials but 3 different looks.


Seed Beads
Up first is Sherry Serafini with a square stitch bracelet with fringe. Then Katie Hacker’s beading lesson is all about the brick stitch. Then it’s Linda Augsburg with the ladder stitch and bracelets using different color variations. Last up is settings with Tammy Honaman.


Our first guest is Cathy Jakicic with a turquoise birthstone project that looks much more difficult that it is. Then on Katie’s beading lesson its making chain bales and tassels. Next Jean Campbell strings on a different material and creates a leather thong bracelet with a slide knot. Then Tammy Honaman has a finding feature on scrimps, crimps and wire guardians. Last Katie Hacker is back with a way to repurpose findings as pendants.


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