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Join host Katie Hacker and a variety of inspiring jewelry-makers to Make It Tonight and Wear It Tomorrow.

Each episode features a jewelry artist showing how to make creative jewelry using easy-to-find supplies and innovative techniques.  The artists and designers share everything you need to know to create one-of-a-kind designs and build your skills. 

Katie shares her own favorite tips and techniques with a Beading Lesson in each episode.

Join us and learn how to Make It Tonight and Wear It Tomorrow on Beads, Baubles and Jewels.


Getting Started in Jewelry Making
With a few supplies and cold connection techniques, designer Abbi Berta quickly creates mixed media earrings. She also makes a textured cuff with a torch-fired patina to introduce metalwork. Viewer Leslie Rocha tells how her first jewelry class and love of music blossomed into a passion for making jewelry from guitar wire and picks.


Creative Embellishments
Author Nealay Patel embellishes knitted wire with seed beads to create beautiful chandelier earrings that light up any occasion.  In her Beading Lesson, Katie embellishes trendy leather cuff wrap bracelets three different ways to suit any style.


Beading with Friends
It’s fun to bead with friends. With a color palette for inspiration, Erin Prais-Hintz spills her beading secrets as she and Katie plan a beading party and give you more ideas for jewelry-making get-togethers.  Katie uses vintage-style sliders to make glamorous chandelier earrings.


Trendspotting: Parachute Cord & Flowers
Using parachute cord in a whole new way, author Ashley Bunting adds beads from her stash to make a charming, colorful floral brooch.  Katie rides the floral jewelry wave with pendants made with leather flowers, wire and crystals.


Raid Your Craft Closet
With tools from her craft closet, author and designer Eva Sherman shares clever ways to emboss metal to add new interest and detail.  A well-equipped workspace lets you focus on creativity. Katie shows how to set up your workspace for maximum efficiency and fun.


Spotlight on Bracelets
Author and instructor Melissa Grakowsky-Shippee creates stunning beaded components using two-hole tile beads and teaches her technique for a flawless herringbone stitch. Katie discusses the various types of memory wire as she makes a glass bead bracelet that’s fun to wear.


Trendspotting: Tassels and Knotting
Tassels are the next big trend in jewelry-making. Designer Wyatt White shows how to wrap, tie and finish beautiful tassels for earrings and other accessories.  Katie adds a modern twist to traditional knotting techniques to make bracelets with crystal pearls.


Wire It Up
The right tools can unleash your creativity.  Designer Brenda Schweder shows how to make wire frames and captures on a stationary jig. Illusion-style necklaces with crystals are easy and quick to make using tips and tricks from Katie’s Beading Lesson.


Make It From Scratch
When the creative urge strikes, it’s great to have the right tools at hand. Author and teacher Kate Richbourg cuts, forms and textures metal using hand-held tools to create a leaf-shaped pendant. Katie embellishes tassels with crystals to add a little sparkle.


Make It Colorful
Color adds an extra pop to any jewelry design. Designer and author Amee Sweet-McNamara blends her love of colors and shapes with soutache braid and tiny beads to create high-impact jewelry.  Katie colors charms and pendants using permanent markers and alcohol inks.


Take Beadwork to the Next Level
Author Nealay Patel returns to show how the type of wire used can enhance the design possibilities.  He uses knitted wire and adds ruffles and ripples to make a dazzling necklace.  Following today’s hot trend, Katie makes a bracelet on a loom using leather cord and crystal beads in her Beading Lesson.


New Ideas for Wirework
Designer Wyatt White shows how to use a special bracelet jig to create fun and fashionable wire bangles and custom wire components. In her Beading Lesson, Katie braids knitted wire tubing and strings it together with stones and fibers to make a chunky multi-strand necklace.


Make Your Own Beads
Learn to create your own lampwork beads with swirls of color that are never repeated. Glass artist Tammy Rae Wolter shows how to form beads from glass and use them in creative ways for jewelry and accessories.  Katie shows how to make coiled beads using colorful wire and crystal beads.


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