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Indulge yourself with big and bold designs.  Big beads make a bold statement.  Our first recipe features the hot trend of big beads with Leslie Rogalski. They can be intimidating, but fear not, everyone can make and wear big beads. Learn how to use these beads in smart and fashion forward designs. Then join expert Katie Hacker for key techniques and answers to viewers’ questions. We’ll learn how to finish the ends of memory wire. Next, it’s time for a brand new expert, Mark Nelson, who will be joining us every week with the recipes and ingredients for bringing your jewelry making to the next level.  Today, make large hoop earrings for a bold statement, featuring wire wrapping as the key technique. Then we’re on location with designer Pam Brown. Finally Katie brings you a project with a unique accessory. You’ll never lose your beads again, whatever the size - but especially on this graduated necklace.
902 Mouth watering metals are the key ingredients for these designs. Up first is Mark Nelson and a fabulous bolo tie using reticulated silver. Then its time for Katie Hacker and the answer to: “How do I prevent beading wire from breaking?” Next Marlene Blessing satisfies your appetite for metal by mixing copper, brass, silver and more in a necklace featuring easy wire wrapping techniques. Then it’s off to Philadelphia to meet Greg Ogden and some background on making metal components. Last up is our favorite metal artist, Mary Hettmansperger with a recipe for stitching metal.
903 Appetizing and affordable designs are on the menu today. We’re partnering great designs with inexpensive components. First up is Mark Nelson and a chain mail bracelet created from inexpensive jump rings. Then Katie Hacker teaches us how to make our own chain; a great cost and time saver. Next Leslie Rogalski has a great pair of zig zag earrings. Learn how to turn right angles in flat right angle weave to create a zig zag shape. It’s amazing how such a small and affordable number of crystals can look so rich.   Then we visit with Connie Fox at a bead show. Finally, Katie Hacker is back.  There’s nothing like peyote stitch to create an elaborate bracelet of seed beads without breaking the bank.
904 In our recipes for great beading it’s time to choose off the a la carte menu with asymmetrical designs and a touch of mismatch. First, Marlene Blessing adds a little design heat to a bracelet design by making it asymmetrical. Choose focal elements with a related style or theme to season your bracelet with surprise. Then Katie Hacker has simple ideas for making a necklace to display a special art bead on today’s beading lesson. Then it’s time for a little fire and ice from Mark Nelson with beaded earrings. Last up meet Steve Rhoades on location in Philadelphia.

What’s cooking without leftovers? We’re focusing on remaking, recycling and remixing using leftover beads and supplies. Don’t be afraid to take an older piece apart and reuse those beads in something new. First up is Leslie Rogalski, who hates running out of beads in the middle of a project but, shows us a way to use the incomplete sections of spiral peyote to make a finished piece. Next is our beading question. Katie has ideas on how to organize seed bead projects. Then Mark Nelson is back with a bracelet featuring a recycled, metal, tape measure. Then it’s off to a bead show and a visit with designer Marsha Neal. Last up, is Glynna White, a Houston retailer and photo transfers to metal clay using recycled artwork.  

906 Finger foods or rings are a fun, fashion accessory and small enough that we’re not afraid to be a little different. Mark Nelson is our first designer with a very geometric design that uses only 2 materials. He calls them squiggle rings. Then, it’s today’s beading question: “What do you do with crinkled beading wire?” Katie Hacker has the answer.  Next, Leslie Rogalski is back with simple, peyote stitch striped rings. They’re perfect for beginners and almost instant gratification for fans of peyote. Then meet both Noel Yovovich and Meredith Arnold as we travel on location to Philadelphia and a bead show.
907 Tasty textured metal is the focus of this show.  Metal work requires some different tools and exposes you to new techniques you might not have tried before. Mark Nelson starts us out with micro fold earrings and a lesson on creating textures. Then, answers to viewers’ questions with Katie Hacker and how to use crimp covers. Next Marlene Blessing is back.  She shows us how to create extra richness in your jewelry by pairing textured metal rings into a focal flair on a sassy chain necklace. Next it’s a visit to the bead show with Saki Silver and their unique findings. Last up Tami Morrison, a Houston retailer has the next steps in transferring designs to metal clay. 
908 The secret to great food and great jewelry is great ingredients and sometimes the use of an unexpected element. Today we’re having fun with some trendy materials, luscious Lucite and resin. First, Mark Nelson introduces us to doming resin in a “super” pendant.  Then it’s a viewer question about attaching magnetic clasps, answered by Katie Hacker.  Cook up a trendy bracelet with Marlene Blessing, featuring Lucite beads as the main ingredient and lots of charms to infuse it with fun. Next, travel on location to meet wire and glass bead artist Sally Stevens of Sunroom Studios. Last up, noted designer Paula Radke has a beautiful textured necklace with special glass beads.

Whether you call it eco-friendly, natural or environmentally safe; we all want to take care of ourselves and our world. We call it healthy beading. First up is Marlene Blessing to make a delectable necklace with beads made from recycled bottle caps and natural wood. Then it’s time for Katie Hacker and a beading lesson on how to make easy drop earrings. Next, Mark Nelson creates a natural materials necklace featuring leather and semi precious stones. Visit a bead show and meet Tony Shafton on location with his river stone beads. Last up Mary Hettmansperger makes a coiled pine needle pendant.


Classic or tried and true recipes are the main stay of most cooks repertoire. The same is true for beading. We all have a favorite “go to” look, so this show is about vintage or classic design. Everything old is fresh again as Marlene Blessing shows you how to create a trendy but timeless necklace with retro style and a fashion edge. The ingredients are pearls, seed beads, and metal with a patina. Next it’s a beading lesson with Katie Hacker and answers to a viewer question on beading thread. Why do you need special threads? Then it's time for Mark Nelson. He has a really interesting component that links together for a modern take on a vintage look. Last up we meet jewelry designer Deb Huber on location in Philadelphia.


Polymer and clay du jour is our show theme. They are versatile mediums that allow you to create your own beads. Our menu today includes a bronze clay pendant from Mark Nelson. This is probably the first time you’ve ever seen bronze clay. Then it’s Katie Hacker and answers on a viewer’s basic tool question. Next Marlene Blessing creates a beautiful two strand necklace with polymer beads plus pearls and crystals. This simple stringing project shows how polymer can add an artistic edge to a glamorous piece. Finally, we catch up with some wonderful designers on location at the bead show, first with Dee Perry and Karen Jones and lastly with Grace Ma.


Our beading recipe theme continues with the chef’s special or how to become a winning designer. We get so many emails from designers that want to take their jewelry making to the next level. They’ve been making pieces for themselves or their friends but now they’re ready to start selling, entering contests and maybe even writing books. First up is Mark Nelson to introduce the Saul Bell awards from the judge’s perspective. What do they look for and how can your designs compete?  Then it’s Katie Hacker and our beading lesson on choices for connecting multiple strand necklaces. Leslie Rogalski has a key tip for aspiring artists. She creates a beautiful starburst pendant and shows us how just a small amount of high-end ingredients can make a very unique piece. Then meet designer and TV personality Dale Cougar Armstrong for a take on personal style. Last up designer Mary Hettmansperger shows us how to use metals to complement unusual charms and beads.


Tasty tidbits or great gift giving ideas is the theme for this program. The prerequisites for each project are: easy to make, fast, good for making multiples, and most of all great design style. Leslie Rogalski is first with earrings at their easiest. Two simple techniques turn a pair of beads into earrings in less than a minute. Then it’s viewers’ questions with Katie Hacker and how to organize your work space. Next up, it’s more earrings with Mark Nelson. These are 5 minute earrings using metal clay. You’ll want to be sure to keep at least one pair for yourself! Then, time to go on location with glass artist Barb Swift in Philadelphia. Last up Katina has a tutorial on diamonds. 


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