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The key words to describe this look are organic, natural, and haute hippie. Host Katie Hacker starts out with an organic collector’s necklace that shows off some of her favorite treasures. Next, Jean Campbell, Beads, Baubles and Jewels’ stitch pro, demonstrates how to use fringe for lots of different looks. Then, Barbara Lewis paints with fire to create her signature disc drive earrings. Last, Dale Nicholson creates a layered, multiple strand cord necklace with a touch of sparkle.


Glamour isn’t just for special occasions. Katie takes a look at the dramatic effects of glamour showing how to add sparkle and eye popping design to jewelry for all occasions. Next, Leslie Rogalski demonstrates a seed bead spiral peyote bracelet featuring crystal highlights. Then, Fernando Dasilva shares his signature style as he brings on the glamour with dazzling earrings with wire mesh. Last, Anie Piliguian shows how easy it is to polish and drill rough opal and other stones for a dramatic feature. 


Learn how to make jewelry designs with an understated and everyday chic look that fit every occasion. The episode’s first segment features Katie demonstrating a wire wrap technique to link pearls for a delicate look. Next, Candie Cooper uses pinch bails and crystals to create a classic everyday necklace. Then, Danielle Fox demonstrates an easy and classic closure using a button loop. Last, Anie Piliguian has a lesson on polishing classic jewelry pieces to keep them looking beautiful.


This episode focuses on how to incorporate ethereal and nostalgic elements into jewelry designs. Katie’s first project epitomizes the Victorian style with elegant chandelier earrings that graze the shoulder. Next, Dale Nicholson explores romance with wire wrapped crystal branches and flowers to create pendants, earrings and more. Then, stitch pro Jean Campbell shares four ways to add picot edging to bead work. Last, create scrollwork filigree with silver art clay along with Jackie Truty.


Today’s show teaches how jewelry can highlight this contemporary look. Katie opens with a trend overview featuring animal prints, feathers, and tassels. Next, Fernando Dasilva demonstrates a necklace using unique wire wrapped frames. Then, Cynthia Deis shows how to make a chic wrapped bracelet. Last, Maryann Corey discusses a nonprofit organization called the Portable Playhouse that she helped found. It provides a specialized and unique art program to pediatric units in hospitals and outpatient care centers.


Nature provides the inspiration for this episode. Katie shows how to add a natural look to shiny findings and chain using patina and a tumbler. Next, Kim St. Jean, known for her combination of natural materials and metal, creates the exploding cabochon bracelet. Then, Danielle Fox demonstrates how to use beading cones for attaching multiple strands with irregularly shaped beads.  Last, Jewel School's Christiane Ross has a lesson about amethyst.


Learn how to make your style one of a kind and unique to only you. One of the ways to do that is to make your own clasp - it makes the closure as important as the piece itself. First, Katie demonstrates how to make a coiled wire clasp. Next, Fernando Dasilva shows how to take a store bought item and put a creative spin on it to make a unique piece. Then, artist Susan Lenart Kazmer creates a bird nest design. Last, Wyatt White incorporates a basket weaving technique with wire and crystal cubes to make a one of a kind ring.


The addition of color is a way of expressing your style all by itself. Bold colors say look at me and evoke a playful attitude. First, Katie creates a colorful necklace that started out as a t-shirt. Next, Barbara Lewis adds color to metal beads using torch fired enamel and then assembles them in an artistic bracelet. Then, Leslie Rogalski makes colorful beaded straps, bracelets, and more with a seed bead loom. Last, learn what color has to say about you. Katie and Wyatt discuss gemstones and their meaning. 


Casual style is very natural and easy, geared to everyday wear. One of the elements of this style is that it is an effortless look. Katie’s first design features a necklace that incorporates quick and easy knotting techniques. Next, Cynthia Deis shows how to make a casual layered necklace and shares her number one tip for stamping words on metal. Then, Danielle Fox has a tip on using seed bead rings in your jewelry designs. Last, Candie Cooper creates a multi strand leather necklace with chunky beads and a handmade button closure. 


Create some upscale drama with sophisticated, statement jewelry. Katie starts out with a double needle weave technique to give an elegant bracelet dramatic impact. Next, Brenda Schweder offers her artistic interpretation of a sophisticated jewelry design. Then, Wyatt White demonstrates how to create a glamorous cocktail ring using banding pliers and his signature wire wrapping technique.  Last, Katie and Wyatt discuss using sophisticated stones in jewelry designs.


World Traveler
Our heritage and world travels can be an important source for design style. Katie’s first example features paper mache beads from Honduras. Next, Leslie Rogalski uses a kumihimo braiding disk to create intricate beaded braids for both necklaces and bracelets. Then, Jean Campbell has a lesson on using herringbone stitch to shape peyote stitch. Last, Jewel School's Christiane Ross uses chainmaille bezels for large focal stones – it has a byzantine look.  


This show takes a fairy tale approach to design style, adding whimsy and fantasy with some favorite things and motifs. Katie starts out with stamped metal hearts you can use as pendants and charms. Next, Candie Cooper makes tassel earrings with wirework and handmade ear wires. Then,  stitch pro Jean Campbell  shows how to  seamlessly change from peyote to brick stitch, right angle weave to peyote and herringbone to square stitch. Last, Kristal Wick makes beaded fairytale purse charms.  


Learn how vintage and antique looks can serve as inspiration for contemporary jewelry designs. First, Katie shows how to use found objects to create a mold. Next, Jackie Truty makes a one of kind lentil bead using art clay silver and then shows how to add patina for a vintage look. Then, Danielle Fox shares a tip for designing bracelets with an antique look. Last, Kristal Wick shows how to frame a vintage photo and create a nostalgic beaded necklace. 


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