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  Beads Baubles and Jewels 800
Learn the answers to all of your beading questions, this season on Beads Baubles and Jewels. We’ve assembled a team of experts to answer your most asked questions, plus each answer includes the instructions for a great jewelry project.  We finish up each program with a tutorial on each of your most used tools.

  Questions: Answered by:
801 Metal Basics
  How do I dress up plain chain?   Editor, Marlene Blessing
  What are the alternatives to crimping?  Designer, Katie Hacker
  How do you join metal to metal? Designer,  Mary Hettmansperger
  Tool feature: beading awl Designer, Katie Hacker.
802 More Metal  
  How do I make fringe?    Editor, Leslie Rogalski
  How do I finish the ends of a chain necklace? Designer, Katie Hacker
  How do I braid metal?  Metal clay expert, Jackie Truty
  Tool feature: jump ring maker Designer, Katie Hacker
803 Glass
  How do you use cones and chain on a
multi-strand necklace?
Editor, Marlene Blessing
  What type of wire do you use for bead crochet?  Designer, Katie Hacker
  What are dichroic beads?  Paula Radke Designs with Kathie Stull
  How do I modernize a charm bracelet?   Designer, Katie Hacker
  Tool feature: wire twister Katie Hacker
804 Beading Basics  
  How can I use the brick stitch in my beading?  Editor, Leslie Rogalski
  How can I make perfect crimps? Designer, Katie Hacker
  How can I combine different mediums? Designer, Sherri Haab
  Tool feature: crimping pliers Katie Hacker
805 Combining Materials  
  How can I make my own beads from seed beads?  Editor, Leslie Rogalski 
  How do I end a bracelet with stretch cord so it stays finished? Designer, Katie Hacker  
  What are the trends for retro jewelry? Designer, Iliana McGrath
  When do you use a bead counter? Katie Hacker
806 Memory Wire  
  How can I make a memory wire project sophisticated?  Editor, Leslie Rogalski
  Can you change the size of memory wire? Designer, Katie Hacker
  What are some ideas for using leather cuffs?  Designer, Mary Hettmansperger
  What is a spiral maker and how do I use it?  Katie Hacker.
807 Innovative designs  
  How can I use peyote stitch in a new way?  Editor, Leslie Rogalski
  When and why do I use knotting in my necklaces?  Designer, Katie Hacker.
  I’m intimidated by metal clay, what are the basics?  Art clay expert, Jackie Truty
  How do I use a knotting tool?  Katie Hacker
808 Color  
  What colors work together? How can I choose colors?  Author Margie Deeb
  What are the basics of peyote stitch?  Designer, Katie Hacker
  How can I mix different types of beads in the same piece? Editor, Marlene Blessing
  What are thread cutters and how do you use them Katie Hacker
809 Technique Renaissance  
  How do I make a personalized charm bracelet?   Editor, Marlene Blessing
  How do I work with crystals or other sharp stones?
Designer, Katie Hacker
  What is needle felting? Author, Sherri Haab
  Tool feature – bead reamer Katie Hacker
810 Rings  
  How do you fit varying sizes of beads together? Editor, Leslie Rogalski
  How do you match the right stringing material to crystal? Designer, Katie Hacker
  How do I add meaning to my jewelry? Designer, Iliana McGrath
  Tool feature- adjustable pliers Katie Hacker
811 Clay  
  How do I transfer designs to clay?  Donna Kato, designer and clay expert
  When do I use thread vs. wire?  Designer, Katie Hacker
  How do use and “dress up” chain in my designs? 
Editor, Marlene Blessing 
  Tool feature: bead spinner  Katie Hacker
812 Jewelry shortcuts
  How do I use leftover beads? Editor, Marlene Blessing
  How do I create the look of an illusion necklace?  Designer, Katie Hacker
  What are some ideas for making quick gifts?    Designer, Mary Hettmansperger
  Why do I need a bead board?  Katie Hacker
813 Pendants and gem trends

  How do I show off a large or bold pendant without overpowering it?  Editor, Marlene Blessing
  Are there tips for working with magnetic beads? 
Designer, Katie Hacker
  What are the trends in gemstones Katina Forte , registered gemologist
  Why do I need special needles for beading?  Katie Hacker


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