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Antiques and Vintage
This season design inspiration is the theme. Many jewelry designers look to the past for inspiration. New host, Katie Hacker opens the show with a review of vintage clasps. Next, Mark Nelson appears demonstrating how to make house numbers using clay finished with a vintage patina. Then, the show is on location with Beth Botek and Marlene Blessing for a lesson on altering vintage look findings. Last, Candie Cooper creates a necklace with a large crystal pendant that evokes a time gone by.


Many jewelry designers draw design inspiration from musical influences. Katie creates a wire wrap bracelet with musical charms. Then, Kristal Wick and Marlene Blessing are on location showing how to make a pendant from sheet music. Next, Wyatt White uses the precision of Bach for his wire wrap bracelet design. Last, Mark Nelson demonstrates roller printing with a musical theme.


Designers are heavily influenced by their travels – big and small. The new sights and experiences can influence everything from color combinations to design motifs. First, Katie has some great suggestions for ways to keep jewelry making supplies organized when you’re traveling. Then, Mark Nelson has tradeshow tips and tricks for creating inspiring jewelry displays. Next, Leslie Rogalski demonstrates flat right angle weave with a two hole bead. Then, it’s on location with Ahmad Wandak and beautiful beads from Afghanistan. Last, Candie Cooper creates a Chinese charm bracelet. 


Katie opens with a discussion of how color can inspire jewelry designs by examining the colors of some well known artwork. Then, Leslie Rogalski shows how to embellish with Charlottes- a bead that is faceted on only one side. Mark Nelson discusses the many tones and colors of gold. Next, Linda Hartung appears on location showing how to incorporate mesh ribbon woven with very fine wires of brass and copper or aluminum into jewelry designs. Last, Mary Hettmansperger demonstrates how to creatively wire wrap large crystal pendants. 


Whether it’s a favorite painting or a traditional fine art technique applied to jewelry making; art is an endless source of inspiration. First, Katie has some beads to share that were inspired by art. Then, Mark Nelson creates pendants using copyright free art and resin. Next, Marlene Blessing and Chuni Lu discuss hand painted pendants. Leslie Rogalski uses magatamas for tubular peyote. Last, Fernando Dasilva creates a jewelry piece inspired by modern architecture.


 Books can inspire beading projects in a variety of surprising ways, whether you’re highlighting a favorite quote or taking design inspiration cues from the pages of your favorite novel. Katie starts out creating a knotted bookmark. Then, Candie Cooper uses flat back crystals to write sentiments. Next, is Lisa Niven Kelly on location using stamped words and phrases to embellish a jewelry design. Last, Mark Nelson demonstrates pen plating – a play on our literature theme.


Take a look outside for design inspiration. Katie explains that one of her favorite sources for ideas is nature – from trees and plants to the ocean and sand. The natural world is always giving us inspiration in terms of color, texture, and even choice of materials. Katie presents a tutorial on pearls. Then, Wyatt White demonstrates an aquamarine wrap pendant. Next, Candace Gates demonstrates texturing metal clay with sea life stamps. Last, Ronna Sarvas Weltman discusses how she finds inspiration in nature.


This show is all about texture – sometimes the technique of adding a different surface to our jewelry can be the driving force to choosing the design. First, Katie demonstrates zipper flowers. Then Ronna Sarvas Weltman is back with interesting textures in clay. Next, is Meredith Arnold on location with a lesson on etching. Mark Nelson demonstrates cold connection tabs. Last, Fernando Dasilva creates a chain maille inspired bracelet.


Gardens and in particular flowers are the inspiration theme for this show. They can be a source of ideas for everything from color combinations to texture. First, Katie creates a design using flower beads. Next, on location with Janice Berkebile as she designs wire wrap blooms. Mark Nelson demonstrates fold forming for a botanical shape. Then, back on location with Lisa Kan and flowers with an inspirational message. Last, is author Jodi Bombardier.


Books on mythology and symbolism can be treasure troves for jewelry designers.  Incorporating common symbols into jewelry is easy to do and makes that piece even more significant to the wearer.  Katie starts out with a design using large hole symbol beads. Then, Mark Nelson has a lesson on soldering end caps on chain. Next, Leslie Rogalski uses #2 seed beads in her special design. Last, Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates her unique style using talismans.


We can incorporate memories into jewelry in obvious ways with photographs, charms, and lockets, or in more hidden ways with treasured artifacts and other nods to the past. Katie stars out with a discussion about locket styles. Then, it’s on location with Tracy Stanley and a crazy bangle of words and phrases. Mark Nelson uses travel memories for inspiration with a metal twist bracelet inspired by a Moroccan street fair. Last, is Kerry Bogart with suggestions for how to choose the right wire for jewelry designs.


The focus of today’s design inspiration is spirituality. Cultures around the world use beads and beaded jewelry in significant ways.  Katie opens with an overview of the global uses of beads. Then, it’s on location with Kirsten Wing and all about Kipuka prayer beads. Kristal Wick returns with her version of steam punk. Next, Candie Cooper creates rosary charms. Last, is the ancient Korean technique of keum boo with Mark Nelson.


Design motifs like gears, clocks, keys, and even computer chips are showing up everywhere in jewelry making. Katie explores the combination of technology and craft beginning with a review of some ideas for steam punk. Then, Kristal Wick uses watch parts to create a pendant. Next Mark Nelson offers a different twist on technology with new firing techniques for embeddables. Kim St. Jean appears on location with the thinking man piece. Last, Mary Hettmansperger connects technology with the use of metal in her jewelry designs.


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