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 Series 1000...
  Taking your jewelry making to the next level. This season marks the 10th anniversary of Beads, Baubles and Jewels.
Today’s first material is bronze clay, a brand new material. Mark Nelson will show us how to create patterns using plates on a beautiful bracelet. Then, Katie Hacker teaches us how to make an ear wire using German style wire. Next, Marlene Blessing shows us how to add a subtle touch of asymmetry to add an artistic edge to a jewelry design. Then, meet Melinda Barta on location in Philadelphia at a bead show. Last up, author Krystal Wick shows us the secrets of fabric beads.
1002 Even when we’re doing basic stringing, we’ve added a surprise element that will boost your skills to a more professional level.  We begin today with editor and designer Leslie Rogalski and adding a little swagger to your stringing. Start out with a simple strand and add swags for that over the top look. Then, it’s all about glass. Katie Hacker shows us how to fasten a center focal section. Then, Mark Nelson creates three different fused glass pendants. Last up, meet Lisa Kan on location for a different type of inspiration.
1003 Today’s feature technique is wire wrapping.  It’s probably one of the first techniques you learn but there are a lot of variations.  First, Mark Nelson creates a silver wire wrap necklace and earrings that’s anything but basic.  Next, Katie Hacker shows how to create decorative wire wrapped links. Leslie Rogalski shows how to make different components look related and combine them into one piece. Then, it’s off to Philly and an interview with Marlene Blessing. You know her as an editor and designer but she has another role as an author. Last up, Katie Hacker is back with tips for working on a multi strand wood bracelet.
1004 On today’s show we thought we’d take a look at nature for some inspiration. Today Mark Nelson is going to teach us how to carve materials for a tribal pendant. Then, Katie Hacker expands on the use of natural materials like wood and bone on memory wire.  Next up, Marlene Blessing creates natural beauty by designing with motifs from nature and natural materials.  Last up, we have Sally Roessler and some interesting materials from around the world.

This season on BBJ, it’s time for you to become your own designer. On today’s show we have five designs guaranteed to impress. First up, is Leslie Rogalski; you may have seen right angle weave before but added embellishments puts this bangle over the top. Then, it’s a tool technique with Katie Hacker and how to choose the right type of cutter to give a professional edge.  Then, Mark Nelson creates a pierced pendant or brooch using a sawing technique. It’s all about tools today. Then, meet author Denis Peck on location.  Last up, Kristal Wick is back with picture frame charms with fabric instead of photos finished off with antique chain for a vintage look.

1006 Taking your jewelry making to the next level doesn’t mean that the techniques are more difficult, its just allowing yourself to try some new ideas and pay attention to the details that make jewelry professional. First, is Marlene Blessing and the power of rings. Use rings and jump rings together with beads to create a fashion savvy design. Then, Katie Hacker is up with design tips for using stamped metal components. Mark Nelson is back with pendants and earrings made with metal stamping. Then, travel on location to meet designer Clara Walker with more stamped pieces.  Last up, Mark Lareau creates fused rings from sterling; he makes it easy.
1007 To describe today’s show only takes one word – beads.  In all sizes, colors, materials, and shapes – the focus is on beads. First, we’ll learn the beadliner technique of lining glass beads with silver – it’s a fascinating process with Mark Nelson. Then, it’s beaded ornaments with Katie Hacker for a departure from jewelry. Leslie Rogalski creates her own cylinder beads with peyote stitch – just by varying the bead count you can create cool patterns and textures. Then, it’s on location with designer Susan Nestor.  Last up, Katie Hacker is back with an easy way to work with multiple strands of seed beads.
1008 Don’t be intimidated by tools. They can make your design choices so much easier if you learn their use. And we have an expert, Mark Nelson to help you.  He’s going to show us how to drill beach glass for great jewelry design.  Then, Katie Hacker shows us how to use those drilled beads with velour and rubber tubing. Next, Leslie Rogalski and “poodle” beads – learn how to fluff out peyote stitch for a furry effect. Then, meet artist Bronwen Helman and a contemporary look at design and materials. Last up, Katie is back but his time as an author with design inspiration for everyone.

We want you to really get enthusiastic about creating jewelry and trying new techniques.  That step from making a few pieces at home to being a designer is easier than you think.  Marlene Blessing is on first today and she shows us how to create focal drama.  By combining charms and frames you can make the centerpiece of a dramatic design and the process is so easy.  Next, its all about bead reamers, Katie Hacker shows us how to use this valuable tool. Then, it’s more tools with Mark Nelson and filing a pattern on to a bracelet. Then, meet designer Amy Denton on location.  Last up, Kristal is back and how to use large hole beads with antiqued copper filigree chain.


Designers often want to promote and sell their work.  On today’s show we have a few different ideas to help you in that quest.  First, Mark Nelson teaches us how to set flat stones.  Swarovski is a very popular stone for making and selling your designs. Mark will also teach us dapping and an intro to metal forming. Then, Katie Hacker has another crystal technique embellishing crystal cup chain. Marlene Blessing talks about designing with affordable big, bold stones for a jewelry statement. Then, meet designer and author Melanie Potter in Philadelphia.  Last up, Viki Lareau talks about the business of jewelry making – how to price pieces, trunk shows and display – all great information for new artists.


Today’s designs are all about paying attention to details. First, we learn how to set stones in a bezel cup with Mark Nelson. Next, Katie Hacker makes a beaded bezel.  Then, it’s layering 1-2-3 with Marlene Blessing. Discover how to design three unique single strand necklaces that can be layered or worn alone. Last up, it’s off to Philadelphia and an interview with Janice Berkebile.


One of the key components at all levels is color – your use of color can really set apart your design style. Today’s designers all have a great color sense.  First, is Mark Nelson and color and design using colores resin for a pendant and earrings. Then, Katie Hacker uses color for crystal weaving in an hombre design. Next, it’s a fringe fest with Leslie Rogalski – add tons of fringe to basic peyote for a lush look. Then we’re meeting two designers on location. First, is Gail Crosman Moore and then Maureen Henrigues – discover how they use color in their designs.


Today is the last show in this season which has been all about taking your jewelry making to the next level.  On today’s show we focus on metal but we’ve added a twist   First, is Mark Nelson and mokume gane domed earrings – its all about fusing copper and silver. Then, Katie Hacker shows us how to alter silver components for an aged look.  Next up, it’s Marlene Blessing, and using wire wrap dangles in a new way with a varied selection of beads and charms to create jewelry pizzazz.  And last up, it’s a visit with Nancy Zeller on location.


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